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What is Kensington Health Centre?


Kensington Health is a unique, non-profit, health and community care organization in downtown Toronto. We provide a diverse range of services including a long-term care home, a residential hospice program, and community care for older adults and adults living with disabilities, cancer screening, ophthalmology, and eye tissue processing for transplant.

At Kensington Health, we take pride in our work and are committed to providing our patients, residents, clients and their loved ones with the highest quality health care services and experiences.


Kensington Health’s volunteer program has a wide range of volunteers from diverse and exciting backgrounds. Our volunteers currently range in age from 15-91! Our volunteers come to us with all sorts of interesting and unique lived experiences. Some have extensive backgrounds in healthcare while others are artists, retirees, students, young professionals, and much, much more. We encourage anyone with an interest in Kensington, our community and/or a desire to give back to apply.



Exceed patient, resident and client expectations by breaking new ground in person-centered care, exemplary research, and education.


  • Leading the transformation of health care in Ontario while attaining excellence in patient, resident and client care, research and education.

  • Values

Excellence, respect and teamwork


The Entities of Kensington Health

Diagnostic Imaging
Kensington Health has expanded its health care services by opening the Kensington Health Diagnostic Imaging Centre. Acquired from KMH Diagnostics, the Kensington Diagnostic Imaging Centre is non-profit, and offers Ultrasound, X-Ray and Bone Mineral Density, Breast Imaging and Biopsy to over 30,000 patients per year.

Screening Clinic
The Kensington Screening Clinic is a state-of-the-art screening center providing ambulatory colonoscopy screening and other gastrointestinal screening and treatment procedures. Our out-of-hospital setting improves patients’ ability to access safe and comfortable screening services.

Our state-of-the-art academic eye care center, The Kensington Eye Institute, provides ambulatory surgical and medical vision care and supports ophthalmic research and education. We are proud to be among Canada’s largest ophthalmic teaching facilities, and as an Academic Centre of Excellence, our surgeons provide training for the University of Toronto ophthalmology residents. At our ambulatory Surgery Centre, we provide cataract, glaucoma, retina and corneal surgery. The Kensington Vision & Research Centre provides comprehensive clinical, diagnostic, and ancillary vision care services, along with innovative research into eye disease and vision care.


Second Mile Club

Joining Kensington Health in November 2015, The Second Mile Club has a long and trusted history of providing resources and services to our diverse community of older adults and adults living with disabilities, along with their caregivers. Our goal is to enhance the social, intellectual and physical well-being of our members.


Kensington Gardens

Kensington Gardens is a 350-bed, not-for-profit, long-term care facility that offers a multicultural approach to care in a home-like setting. We support each resident’s right to dignity, self-esteem and independence. Residents desire autonomy and control over the everyday matters in their lives, and thrive when they are given the dignity they deserve.

At Kensington Gardens our focus is placed on providing person-centered care.

Kensington Hospice

Kensington Hospice provides palliative and end-of-life-care in a warm, residential setting. Staff at our 10-bed residential hospice aim to meet the holistic needs of those we serve. We address the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs, for patients and their loved ones facing life-limiting illness and bereavement. Kensington Hospice is a not-for-profit, volunteer-based organization providing compassionate care to individuals and their families at end-of-life, in a home-like environment.


Volunteer Positions at Kensington Health


Greeter - Meet and greet visitors of the 340 College Street Medical Building, and help direct them to their appointment, in a friendly and positive manner.


Pre and Post Operation/Appointment Volunteer – This role is designed to increase patient comfort, satisfaction and ease during their visit. The volunteer will meet the patient with a friendly smile, guide them to their destination, provide them with relevant information, and/or ensure they have completed all necessary steps for their appointment at our 340 Medical building.


Complimentary Therapy - Practice a complimentary therapy (RMT, Reiki and Aromatherapy) in accordance with the policies of Kensington Health Centre (KHC), to provide residents and clients with complimentary supports. Currently facilitated at Kensington Hospice and Second Mile Club.


Friendly Visitor - Provide a positive atmosphere for a resident or client through a planned social interaction. Friendly visiting occurs in our Long Term Care facility (Kensington Gardens) and in the community via our Second Mile Club.


Café Attendant - Provide friendly, efficient service to all customers of the Kensington Café, located at 25 Brunswick Ave.


Meal Time Assistant – Help to create a calm and supportive environment while providing meal assistance to a resident. This position allows the resident the time and assistance they require to get the nourishment they need, while providing a social aspect to dining at Kensington Gardens.


Pastoral Care Assistant - Assist residents to attend religious services held at Kensington Gardens. You may assist with the service itself or with a resident one to one if required.


Community Transportation Assistant - Provide support for clients living in the community and to our full time driver. The volunteer will travel to and from various locations in a company vehicle, driven by a Kensington Health full time driver, to assist with directions, client interactions, and client safety and supervision.


Medical Escort - Provide support for clients living in the community to travel safely to and from appointments. The escort will be a pleasant, social travel companion while assisting with directions, locating appointments and ensuring a safe arrival and return.


Programs Assistant - Assist residents/clients to attend and participate in programs and activities. This role is designed to increase socialization, program enjoyment and number of program participants. Program examples include: needlework, word games, cards, crafts, gardening, bingo, coloring, etc. This position is available both at Kensington Gardens and Second Mile Club.


Resident and Family Care Volunteer - Actively contributes to the physical, emotional, psychosocial and spiritual well-being of individuals and their loved ones in the hospice.

Resident & Family Care Volunteers contribute to making the hospice a space where people can feel comfortable to live, laugh, cry or just be with their families and friends while receiving quality care from staff and volunteers as they journey to end of life.


Kitchen/Nutrition Volunteer - Create a warm and welcoming, home-like environment in our hospice kitchen. Kitchen volunteers support the physical comfort and emotional well-being of residents and their families through food. This involves the preparation, cooking and presentation of food, ensuring that safety measures are taken in food preparation, and ensuring that meals are always delivered with a kind and compassionate smile.

Contribute to the atmosphere of the hospice as well as the well-being of the residents and their loved ones through the sharing of music. Vocal and instrumental talent are welcome.


Reception - Create a welcoming environment for all individuals contacting Kensington’s reception desk by telephone and/or in person. Our reception volunteers perform administrative tasks at both Kensington Hospice and Kensington Gardens.

Application Instructions

How To Apply to a Kensington Volunteer Position

You can apply online at:





For more information you can e-mail volunteer@kensingtonhealth.org