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Teaching English in remote schools in Nepal

Free Volunteering Nepal



Wed Jan 01 3000 05:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


minimum stay is 1 month


Flexible, usually people choose to give about 4 lessons per day


Nepal (greater Kathmandu area, Pohkara, Mulpani, Salang)


In this project you will volunteer to teach English and, more importantly, engage in our efforts to teach Nepali children how to apply those language skills. In fact, most Nepali children in rural can understand spoken English but cannot speak the language themselves, as they do not have the opportunity to practice this at school. You can help the children to get a better grasp of English so they will be able to use what they know in real life situations where communication is core. All this will help them compete with kids from rural areas which usually have access to better education for the much sought-after jobs in the tourist sector, the major job market in Nepal.

English teaching volunteers do not have to be native English speakers or trained teachers. The school has its own English teachers who are happy to assist our volunteers with teaching methods, offer advice on solving communication barriers, or provide suitable teaching materials. Depending on your skills and willingness, you can either give full lessons or co-teach lessons. Everyone able to speak English can provide the highly appreciated “English speaking” lessons, i.e. basic conversation training, which are a great opportunity for the children to loose their fear of talking in English to a unknown person, practice real life conversations and speak up for them selves in a foreign language. Furthermore, the children will be able to pick up a variety of foreign accents. During holidays and slow periods, volunteers can also help local teachers create teaching resources and design lesson plans which offers a new opportunity of learning and exchanging ideas on educational practice.

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