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Young Professional Board

Spinal Cord Injury Ontario



Wed Jan 01 3000 05:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


One year


Attend regularly scheduled Young Professionals Board meetings, held once every other month and additional committee meetings as required.


Toronto / Online


To reach a young population of community leaders to engage them in the Board development process, build future leaders and support fundraising efforts of SCI Ontario. Although the Young Professionals Board might be distinctly separate from the full board of the organization, it is fully accountable for representing the nonprofit with integrity and respect. The Young Professionals Board draws upon the brand integrity and public image of SCI Ontario.
Members of the Young Professionals Board will:
- Support SCI Ontario's mission and vision in the community:

  • Our Vision: People with spinal cord injuries living the life they choose in a fully-inclusive Ontario

  • Our Mission: We deliver and champion excellence in service, support and advocacy for people with spinal cord injuries

- Play an active role in engaging other young people to support SCI Ontario, fundraising and awareness programs.
- Gain a high quality, organized and focused volunteer experience
- Learn to collaborate with other individuals, companies and the community
- Introduce SCI Ontario to potential partners and supporters.
- Share and promote SCI Ontario's activities on social media
- Actively participate in one of the following Young Professionals Board Sub-Committees

  • Executive

  • Events Logistics & Entertainment

  • Volunteer Engagement

  • Marketing & Communications & Sponsorships

  • Ticket Sales

  • Secondary Fundraising i.e. silent auctions, raffles, ticket sales

- Plan & execute a least one major fundraisers per year and participate in other existing fundraisers
- Be actively involved in the solicitation of funds to support SCI Ontario, its mission and activities
- Establish standards and expectations for Young Professionals Board Members
- Be energetic and display an extraordinary commitment to fundraising and advocacy
- Be an enthusiastic community advocate for the mission of SCI Ontario especially among the young professional community
- Attend two SCI Ontario events annually
- Assist in selling tickets to fundraising events and /or raffle tickets
- Identify, nominate, consider and elect new Directors and Officers of the Young Professionals Board
- Educate and involve fellow Directors
- Maintain a basic understanding of the programs and services provided by SCI Ontario
- Volunteer time as available and recruit additional assistance for activities
- Provide volunteer technical skills in at least one of the following areas to benefit SCI Ontario:

  • Advertising Membership and Nomination

  • Development Planning Web Development

  • Event Planning Grant Writing

  • Marketing & Communication Public Relations

  • Newsletter Planning/ Editing Website Design/ Maintenance

  • Graphic Design Other

The Young Professionals Board is accountable to the Director of Resource Development of SCI Ontario
Mission of the Young Professionals Board:
The Young Professionals Board of SCI Ontario provides an opportunity for young professionals to support the mission and vision of SCI Ontario, by acting as ambassadors, developing leadership skills and sharing technical knowledge and by engaging other community members' in becoming the next generation of Directors.
- Enhance their resume and partake in important community service while gaining a sense of philanthropy
- Develop leadership skills and the potential to join the SCI Ontario Board of Directors in the future
- Learn more about the vital work of SCI Ontario's programs & services and the art of fundraising
- Learn how to conduct meetings
- Outreach
- Public speaking
- Group decision making
- Develop project ideas and management skills
- Develop fundraising skills
- Develop leadership skills
- Enhance their professional network
- Meet a wonderful group of people and have FUN!

Application Instructions

- Commit to a one-year term with the option to continue involvement after the first term
- Attend regularly scheduled Young Professionals Board meetings, held once every other month and additional committee meetings as required.

  • Some meetings will be held virtually through "Go to Meeting" with a maximum time of 2 hours per meeting.

- Achieve fundraising best practices by making a personal donation to SCI Ontario which is reflective of your personal financial situation
Application Process:
Interest parties are encouraged to submit a biographical statement of qualifications and/or resume and make available three references
The Nominating Committee meets on an as needed basis throughout the year to review qualified candidates. You will be notified in 10 working days of your progress in the process. Applications can be sent to Ari Wahl, Director of Development at ari.wahl@sciontario.org Thank you for your consideration.

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